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aLiSha "LeE"
You think you know, but you have no idea; this is the diary of aLi ::bound to hell for eternity::

WhAt dAy iS iT?

December 2018

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WhAts yEr PRoBleM?!
Tuesday. 5.11.04 1:32 pm
so lately, ive been checking in on my profile and no one seems to be paying much attention to it anymore... so i think i am doen with my profile fer the time being. i recently started werking and life couldnt get anymore hectic trying to keep my grades at a 3.0 which isnt very successful while trying to do homework and work and juggle friends and a boyfriend. wooh. im so mentally and physically tired. i need a vacation even though i just returned from one over the weekend. it was so fun, but it didnt take me away from my tensions... anyways i gotta go back to class... chow.


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back to school, back to school-to prove to dad tha
Monday. 4.12.04 5:51 pm
wow..life is pretty unexciting at the moment. spring break is over and its back to dwelling the school grounds..its pretty ordinary and boring. WASLs start next week.. thats something im definantly not looking forward to.. on the plus side: im sorta tanner then i was before considering i went to my paradise aka cresent bar. it was hotter then hot and boring as hell. then i came home.. and yea. thats pretty much it. i gots me car werking and its great cuz i get to drive all by meself! woot. woot. and i think i did well on my midterms... all i gotta do now is fix up these stupid detentions i have so then ill be able to park in the school parking lot. but untill then im gonna have to walk.. oh well.. ill juss walk along with crystal and becca. good times. anywhoM. so yea RYAN is gay. alexis i LoVvee you. Laurie i HeArt yOo toooo! so i dun really feel like finishin this so ima go be in "detention" that i dont really deserve. chOw.

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Thursday. 4.1.04 9:25 pm
its thursday, and im FINALLy taking my drive test to get my LISCENSE! woop. im really excited to get it because that means i go when i want and what not. i applied fer a job todayb also. as a hostess at the FireCreek restruant at RiverBend Golf Course which is nice because i can play golf and i wont have to drive elsewhere to werk since its only right there yeehaw. itll be good because ill have my own money and ill be possibly making about $600-800 a month. i still have to pay for my insurance and my car and everything else... i hope i get the job... anyways im super-duper nervous fer tomorrow doode. AHHH i hopoe my mommy will let me drive to sChool. im so tired... and like i have 263782432 things to do for tomorrow. RAWR. and my mom isnt helping much because my parents are having money problems and what not. its all great fun. but yea im not really in the mood to write anymroe so ill prolly write some more later. bbye

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Wednesday. 3.31.04 1:32 am
today is tuesday and tomorrow is the werse day of the entire week! i hate wednesdays.. plus i have alot of homework that i have no energy to put effort into. at least i get to see josh.. the highlight of my week. RAAWR my brother is annoying the shit out of me! he is so RETARDED. alexis you can have him lol. i think im getting sick for the millionth time this year... soar throat and tired as hell 24/7. my life on the other hand is still going according to plan. good thing tho. im getting my liscense on friday! woot. woot. woot. and yeS spring break is next week! bonus. anyways im sorry to make my whining entry so short but i gotta go before my mom rips my head off and makes a fondue out of my brain. ill try and write more later.

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uH oH HeRe ShE GoEs..
Sunday. 3.21.04 8:44 pm
well.. its sunday.. and depressing as every sundays normally are.. sad that the weekend hs ended and a new exciting week of school((notice the sarcasim)).

When broken hearts hit close to home it hurts me just thinkin about how im falling and afraid of the total outcome of this love the grows inside my everlasting beating heart. Its hard to explain whats coming over me. I'm afraid to be hurt, to be negative, to have that person have my everything; my life, my soul, my mind. The thought of being taken over by such an uncontrolled force makes me uneasy and scared to wonder that if we were to seperate, a peice of me would go with him. This is to You:

First off. You are incredibly intelligent. You are beautiful. You are going to have the life youve always wanted one day. You will find him, and he will find you. You look for the Mr. Right Now, when you can be patient and wait for Mr. Right. You have approximately (15-55=40) 40 more years left ahead of you. You get good grades and will 99.9% get into the college of your dreams. Youll get to wake up and smell the ocean/slash/pollution in your well decorated condo we'll share. We'll party all the time! You dont need him. You are special to everyone who knows you as well as I do. This summer will be awesome, and maybe on the way, Mr. Right could come along. I want you to wake up and be happy and positive and not so much negative. You deserve more then you coujld ever imagine. And sometimes, you dont have to look so hard to notice that just because that person isnt there doesnt mean that there are others around you who love you and protect you always. I love ya sista.


I GOT MY CAR! gawd it is so freakin sexy! its a '89 mint green Jetta.. its gotta cool history to it as well.. my parents bought it from this guy who used to DJ for 107.7 THE END; pretty neet eh? anyways i gtg...bbbye

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long time no write
Tuesday. 3.16.04 12:27 pm
mood: undefined.
listening to: yellowcard-ocean avenue
watching: fish swimming in a tank. I WANT TO CHOKE THEM!

why hello my fellow humans. its been at leasta month since i last wrote. and alot has happened! life is going pretty well with grades. alexis is currently residing in my household. im finally 16 too. but im wayy sad because i failed my freaking knowledge test! now i gotta take it again. stupid questions about bicycles! who knew thered be questions about stupid bicycles on a Driving Test. wtf!? lol. ill hopefully be getting my liscense by friday! yes!

i recently had a 4 day weekend. it was great..kinda. alexis is depressed right now. and its rubbing off on me! so today i was juss being a plain ol'bitch to my mati and she freakin starts crying! wth! can you say take some midol!? jeez. crying over nothing is not the key. haha. anywho. and today is juss gonna be shitty cuz alexis' plans arent going to go the way she wants. greaaaaaat. i have to deal with her being mad at me, and my mother crying over a little nothing. having 3 women in one house isnt very smart lol.

its tuesday. and im typing this entry next to some preserved rats,chickens and camilions. YUM! slap that on a triscut! wOoOo! and IM SICK! the billionth-smillionth time this year! i thinnk theres something seriously wrong with me? anyways id write some more, but i think i better bounCe! advisory is almost over. peas and carrots!

P A R T Y, why? because i gotta!

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